10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Kindle If You Love Reading

I remember the time when I was thinking about getting a Kindle. As an avid reader and a book lover who loves reading a lot, I had a lot of doubts about ever buying one. There is something serene about the experience of holding a physical book, smelling the paper, listening to the sound of pages while turning them and feeling them on the fingertips.

If you are a book lover and having the same apprehensions about buying a Kindle and wondering whether a kindle can replace the experience of physical books, then there’s one thing you should know.

The Kindle is not there to replace the experience of reading a physical book, rather it is a device which is meant to enhance your reading experience in a way that a physical book cannot do.

 If you are a book lover too, let’s dive into some of the reasons why you should buy a Kindle if you love reading and why it is a complete bang for your buck!

Here are the 10 Reasons why you should buy a Kindle if you love reading


Best reading experience with paperlike display

The biggest reason why you should consider buying a kindle is its user-friendliness. The foremost thing that a book reader wants to know is how convenient it is to read a book on a Kindle. The slim and sleek design and the light weight of the Kindle makes it extremely comfortable to read even while you are laying down on a couch. Due to its lightweight, you can read it holding in your hands for longer durations of time without causing any strain.

The user-friendly interface makes it very easy to navigate through your library and Kindle store. Thanks to Amazon Pay, now you can buy any book with just one click by adding money to your Amazon Pay wallet.

Battery Backup

You would be blown away by how long the battery lasts on a Kindle. A fully charged Kindle provides a battery backup of almost three to four weeks on aeroplane mode! Yes, you read that right three to four weeks of sheer reading delight without having to plug in the charger even once.

Kindle battery backup
Enjoy reading for longer hours without having to charge

As the Kindle does not have to do the high-end image and graphics processing the battery lasts much longer than a smartphone or a tablet. Battery backup also depends on how much you are using the Kindle and if the internet is on for a longer time the battery will drain faster. Enabling the power saver option in the advanced settings enhances the battery backup by turning the Kindle on sleep mode when it is not in use.

Easy on the eyes 

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Kindle- Built in light
Read books in low light with built-in light

The E-ink display, built-in light and optimized font technology make Kindle less strainful to read for a longer duration of time. Unlike smartphones and tablets, the Kindle has a glare-free screen which does not reflect the light on your eyes. 

Thanks to the E-ink technology, the screen looks exactly like a paper and the customizable font size and styles make it easier to read even for a person with a low vision.

The built-in backlight provides for an easy and delightful reading experience whether you want to read in the dark or even under the sunlight. You can adjust the screen light and change font size and styles as per your convenience.

Save your physical space

Kindle save your physical space
Save your physical space

Now, as a book lover, you won’t mind having a huge collection of books that you can boast about to your friends and family members. Having many physical books does come with its set of disadvantages like making lots of room to house your books.

With just a minimum storage capacity of 8GB, a Kindle can store more than a thousand books with zero physical space required. Of course, except for the negligible physical space for housing your Kindle itself, which I am sure you definitely have.

Your best travel partner

Kindle best travel partner
Carry your mini-library while travelling

Imagine if you could carry your whole mini-library along with you while travelling. The compact size, shape and low weight of the Kindle makes it easier to access your complete collection of books wherever you go.

Bored of reading books, don’t worry, you can listen to your audiobooks by connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker. The long battery backup makes it sure that you get the most out of your reading experience without having to worry about charging it frequently.

Buy your favourite books at cheaper prices

Buy books at cheaper prices
Take a look at the price of Kindle version of the book

The highly affordable prices of e-books available on the Kindle store is a big enough reason to invest in a Kindle. Unlike, physical books the Kindle version of the books are dirt cheap as a digital book does not require the hassle of printing and binding it and not to forget the shipping costs you have to pay to get it.

The price difference between the physical and digital version of the books makes it worthwhile enough to buy one. To put it in simple terms, you can read both ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Harry Potter’ novels just for the price of any one of the above book series.

Build your vocabulary

Build your vocabulary
Build your vocabualry with Oxford dictionary integration

Kindle’s built-in Vocabulary builder makes it so easy to understand the meaning of a word you don’t understand by just long-pressing it on the screen. The default New Oxford Dictionary immediately defines the word you are looking for.

Kindle Flashcards
Master difficult words using flashcards

You can also access all the words which you previously looked for by going into the vocabulary builder. If you feel like you still haven’t mastered a lot of words you looked for, you can use the flashcards to memorize the meaning of words. Once you master the definition of a particular word you can mark them as mastered and move on to the next set of words.

Access a vast collection of books

The Kindle Store has a collection of more than millions of books in various languages which you can access within the comfort of your home. The vast collection of books makes it sure that you are spoilt for choice while you are travelling with a Kindle.

Kindle vast collection of books
Read some of the best books for free

The best thing is you can download a sample preview of any book that you want to read if you are doubtful about buying it. You also get access to hundreds of books for free of cost. Based on your reading, you get personalized recommendations on books that you would love to read.

Share your books   

Kindle sharing books
Share what you liked

Sharing is caring, with the Kindle, you can easily lend your books to your friends and family members who have an Amazon account. You don’t have to worry about your friends not returning your books as you can limit access for a pre-determined amount of time. 

Similarly, you can also borrow books from your friends without having to worry about losing it or damaging the books. You can also share your highlighted paragraphs from the book that you have read or mail it as a PDF to your e-mail account for future reference. 

No distractions

For somebody who is wondering what are the advantages of a Kindle over a Tablet?

Being able to concentrate on the book you are reading has become harder than ever before with the constant distractions of the digital world. With Kindle, you rest assured that you can read your books without any distractions as it doesn’t send you any pop-up notifications that will hinder your reading experience.

Kindle X-ray feature
X-Ray feature allows you to get the most out of books

The best thing is with features like X-ray lookup you can learn more about the characters, events, places, things or any other term, by simply pressing on the word or phrase that interests you without having to google it.

Bonus features

Are you still doubtful about buying a Kindle? 

Here are a few more bonus features that will make it easy for you to reconsider your decision.

Amazon Prime Reading

The best thing about Amazon Prime membership is that you get prime benefits across all Amazon services. Prime members have access to hundreds of books for free. You can borrow five to six books at a time and return it after you have finished reading it without any time limit.

Another benefit you get from a Prime membership is you get to buy books at dirt cheap prices during Amazon Prime day offers. This offer is only available to Amazon Prime members, so there’s one more reason why you should buy a Kindle to make the most out of your Prime membership.

The only drawback is that the collection of books you can access on Prime reading is not vast and you may not be able to access some of your favourite books. Barring the limited collection of books, you get other perks which makes it a good deal for a Prime member.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

With the Kindle Unlimited Subscription, you can now access thousands of books, magazines, journals and audiobooks for just monthly subscription fees of a few bucks. The good news is if you buy a new Kindle you get a three-months of Kindle Unlimited subscription for absolutely free.

There are no limitations on the books you can borrow to read and the best part is you can read many new releases before anyone else for free. 

Goodreads Integration

Kindle Goodreads integration
Now with Goodreads integration get awesome book recommendations!

Goodreads is the biggest and best platform for book readers to get recommendations, reviews, create booklists or look for what others are reading. As Amazon owns Goodreads, your Kindle comes with a built-in Goodreads integration so you can easily curate your booklists and know what others are reading at the moment.

You can easily interact with your friends on social media by sharing highlighted passages on Facebook or Twitter.

Bottom Line

Ease of use, affordable books, portability, long battery backup and a plethora of other features are some of the biggest reasons why you should buy a Kindle if you love reading. I was sceptical about the experience of reading a book on an e-reader, but it took me just a few hours to get used to reading on a Kindle. After owning a Kindle for almost a year I can confidently say that this has been my one of the best investment to date.

There are a few things that the Kindle can improve upon like touch response time and the ability to be able to display images and texts in colour. Though it isn’t a big issue for me as most of the books that I read do not have images in them but it can prove to be handy for someone who wants to read textbooks, journals, magazines or comic books on a Kindle.

I own a basic version of Kindle as I do not read a lot of comic books, but if you are someone who does, you can buy the Kindle Paperwhite for more clarity. If you are ready to stretch a bit more, you can buy the Oasis and Voyage versions of Kindle more enhanced reading experience.

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